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~and mad props to CA for compiling this most comprehensive corgi list!!


corgis on tumblr Even with the new ‘explore’ feature, it is still hard to find tumblrs of interest. I decided to compile tumblogs of corgi related interest if you all want to follow other corgi related tumblrs.
List criteria: updated in the past 6 weeks, is not just a reblogging tumblog (aka posts unique material), posts pictures of their own corgi.
This is by no means a complete list. Send me an ‘ask’ if I forgot someone!
Tumblrs about corgis:
  1. FRAP - MyCorgi’s tumblr
  2. Fuckyeahcorgi - posts funny captions AND has 2 Cardigans: Biscuit and Bentley!
  3. Ninja Corgi - a fluffy corgi’s adventures in Singapore
  4. The Daily Corgi - tumblr version
  5. Corgi Dog Blog - writes on occasion, but always worth waiting for
  6. Kipling’s Adventures - a Cardigan corgi in Europe!
  7. Hello Corgi! - move over Hello Kitty!
  8. Ein’s Antics
  9. Sammy’s Place
  10. Matt Wright and his own daily corgi
  11. Link the Corgi
  12. Adventures of Yoshi
  13. Living with 2 Pembrokes
  14. Henri and Entropy
  15. Corgi Roll
  16. Charles Love
  17. Corgi Cuddles
  18. Taziki’s World
  19. Carlton’s Poop

Here is a list of tumblrs of people who own corgis, but also post non-corgi stuff. 

  1. JHuitz - owns a beautiful Cardigan named Bob
  2. From the Band Geek’s Mind - band geek and owner of Cricket
  3. Runtmasterflex - owns Scout and Recon
  4. joshsmith - owns Milo and Ellie
  5. daaaaaang - owns Dwight, the muse for the epic Obama riding Corgi Conrad Ruiz painting
  6. talentwithoutdesire - is owned by a fluffy named Dixie
  7. sammich - owns Reggie
  8. alexispayne - owns Buster and Peaches
  9. oliveramy - about to bring her corgi puppy home!
  10. CA’s own poopster - obsessively chronicling the progress on getting my own corgi puppy


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    i.e. this is a list of blogs that everyone should follow.
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